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Crackdown on rowdy youth

A recent wave of vandalism and theft by young people in Campbellford could drive away the lucrative waterfront trade of... [read]

Sludge group takes action

It didn't take long for a brand new citizens' protest group battling against biosolid spreading in Northumberland to notch its... [read]

Call for arts centre

Brighton needs a new arts centre to accommodate the swelling ranks of artisans in the area, according to Malcolm Schofield. The... [read]

Not everyone can hit a curve ball

Consider Alex Thompson one of the girls of summer. Alex started playing the game through Brighton Minor Baseball at age four-and-a-half. But... [read]

Valley nurtures talent

Northumberland music aficionados have an opportunity tonight to boost the career of some local talent as the Shelter Valley Folk... [read]

What is in your corn flakes?

The corn flakes you had for breakfast this morning could have been made from corn nourished by sewage sludge. The... [read]

Schools save teachers

Local teachers are throwing their pink slips in the recycling bin and sharpening their pencils for a new school year... [read]

Firemen say thanks

In a lull between answering emergency calls, the Campbellford/Seymour Fire Department took time out last Friday to say a big... [read]


Waterfront weekend

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Emily Siegner, 7, and her furry friend clutch each other tightly as they anxiously await the results of the pirate costume contest at the Waterfront Festival in Gosport. It will be Campbellford's turn with its Waterfront Festival this Saturday (Aug. 2).

Indy news Toronto head office learned why choosing reputable companies is important

I felt compeelled to write a quick article about Clean my carpet and why we should have called them instead of the shady business we had to deal with the first day. Last week we had a "bring your dog to work day", let me start by saying that was not a good idea. Sure enough, our carpets were destroyed by the days end.

What now?

Like anybody else, I headed over to the phonebook, picked up the phone and called the first carpet cleaner I could find. A day later we had the cleaners in, and the nightmare began; We had to deal with this company who tried to charge us over $2,000 for service that TERRIBLE, I mean, could have been done by a 12 year old.

Cleanmycapret to save the day

I ended up kicking this company (we won't name names) out of the office, and on that note I started my search for a new company. After searching through some Google reviews I came across cleanmycarpet, I gave them a call and was welcomed by getting ahold of somebody right away - and it was the guy who ended up actually coming out and doing the cleaning. From start to finish it was just an excellent experience.

I highly recommend making sure you check out reviews of companies before giving them a call, and if you decide to throw a bring your dog to work day to make sure you schedule a cleaning with these carpet cleaners based in Toronto. They are extremely amazing, and I thank you CMC!

How $13,000 rent plays into the business model of TO Implants king west

This week I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Venus Sohbi about her new business that she opened late last year in downtown Toronto in the king west fashion district called Toronto implants King West. Sheís had incredible success with her practice thus far and I wanted to get a little bit of insight in what itís like running a business in one of the quickest developing & cool areaís coming up in the DT core.

Me: Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions for our readers, itís a pleasure to have you on here. Letís get straight to it and dive into these questions, Iím sure everybody is eager to here. Whatís the best part about running your business in the downtown fashion district thatís grown so greatly over the last 3 years?

Dr. Sohbi: Thanks for having me Mark! To answer your question, some of the things that Iíve enjoyed the most about being in this part of the city have been the tremendous amount of interesting people that I get to meet being here. Itís really amazing, everybody is so different and unique and it makes my day a lot more fun to get through

Me: Awesome. Next question, how have you found the practice you opened to grow compared to the growth in terms of condoís uprises and whatever other factors that come into play in your neighborhood?

Dr. Sohbi: Itís definitely been amazing the way weíve been able to grow, and I think a big part of that is having had the pleasure to work with such great people that have come to work here at the practice. Our employeeís have been a huge part in generating the business and growing our client base the way it has Ė and I definitely canít leave out all the help that Iíve gotten from one of our marketing guys Connor who runs his marketing / seo business called Toronto Boost which you can check out here. Heís added so many great clients to our network and really helped us in that important early growth stage

Me: Cool, weíll make sure to check them out. Whatís it like paying for prime real estate in that area, and how does the neighborhood play into what you pay? Do you find that itís worth it?

Dr. Sohbi Ė Itís certainly a big cost factor at the end of the day to be paying as much as we do for the prime piece of real estate that weíve had the opportunity to run our practice out of it. But itís certainly worth it, the amount of foot traffic we get, and new business from all of our network of individuals hanging out in this area, itís been a really great investment and It doesnít phase me at all.

Me: Tell us about the services you provide?

Dr. Sohbi Ė We provide everything a typical dental practice provides. Whitening, teeth implants, cleanings, crowns etc. Since we are a very young practice we definitely go the lengths to really accommodate all of our patients, like staying open until 10pm, and staying open on weekdays

Me: Awesome. Whatís your bread & butter for the clinic?

Dr. Sohbi Ė Cleanings are 80% of what we do at King west. However we offer really amazing deals for dental implants, especially compared to the rest of the downtown Toronto area. We find that we have patients travelling 200-300 kmís just to come to our practice because of our pricing alone

Me: Well thank you so much for answering our questions. Iím sure the readers will love it, for those of you that are looking for any teeth whitening, cleanings, or as Dr. Sohbi said herself, her opportune service of dental implants click here and youíll be taken to her site to get a little bit more information.

Let us know what you think in the comment section about running a business downtown and if itís worth it

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Thanks to Mariusz, Ilana & Dr. Sohbi

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Thanks to Mariusz, Ilana & Dr. Sohbi & Geoge for all of their support

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